The Freetime Paradox

Have you ever noticed how when you have more time you get less done?

I’m not sure if that’s a universal thing, but for me, I’m waaaaay more productive when I’m working within time constraints. While I was still in school and had classes all the time? I was a get stuff done machine. Now that I’ve graduated and have spent the last three weeks with nothing on the schedule? Complete lump of uselessness.

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Foreign Service

Foreign Service

This is some objectively big news. I have accepted an offer from the U.S. State Department to be a Foreign Service Officer. I’ll be starting training in June.

“What is a Foreign Service Officer (FSO)?” you say. Well, think of it as America’s diplomacy corps. I’ll be working at consulates and embassies around the world (and occasionally at State Department headquarters in Washington D.C.). I’m in the “Consular” job track, which means that I’ll be working on visa issues and American citizen services mostly. I’m not exactly sure all the details, but I’m sure I’ll learn a whole lot more once I start in late June! How much I’ll be able to share, however, is another matter entirely. OpSec (Operations Security) is legit a big deal.

What this means for this blog however, is that I’m going to be moving overseas again in the near future! Since I originally started this as a way to stay in touch and share my experiences abroad, I’m hoping we’ll be resuscitated from the graduate school hiatus (no one really wanted to hear about my classes did you? Real question, if you’re curious I’ll be happy to share).

In the mean time, let me know if there is anything specific about the foreign service application process, foreign service life, &c. that you’re curious about. Security willing, I’ll try my best to shed some light.

Weekend Views


My new apartment has gorgeous window seats, perfect for reading a novel on a lazy afternoon.

I also believe this is the first picture of me on the blog.