I’m Staying!


After some deliberation, I’ve decided to spend one more year here in Okinawa, to bring my total up to four. With recontracting taking place in January, but the term actually starting in August, that means I still have another year and a half as a JET here, a period that I plan to make the most of. I’m excited to dig deeper into my schools and communities, improve my Japanese ability, enhance my local relationships, and enjoy what will likely be the most beautiful commute of my life.


Happy New Year!

I got home yesterday from my winter break trip (more on that in coming days), to blue skies and warm weather.

I’ve made a few resolutions for this year. I normally divide my life into three categories and make one for each: personal, professional, and fitness. Personally, I’m working to be less shy. Professionally, I’m aiming to either make the next step off island, or if I stay another year here, to get more deeply involved with my local community. Physically, this year I’ll run my first half marathon!

I’m also going to be writing more. In the rush of grad school applications, I lost track of what I love about writing, and so I’m going to be trying to bring that back into my life. I’m going to be mainly talking about my travels and life here, and as always there will be many photos! I hope you enjoy it!

New Category: Things I Love

You know how sometimes there are things that you discover that are just so great that part of you wants to selfishly keep it to yourself and not tell anyone? And then there are things that you have to tell, at least your best friend, because it would be an absolute crime to not share it with at least a few people. The people that matter.

Well, introducing a new category, “Things I Love.” It’s for unsolicited, unsponsored, completely biased reports of the things that I have found and just think are the best ever. Maybe you’ll think they’re the greatest too!

New Category – Things I’ve Learned

“I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learningLearning is beautiful.” – Natalie Portman

Those words more or less sum up my feelings on the world. Introducing a new category, Things I’ve Learned, where I’ll share the random things that I discover and learn.

This is the start

I’m a pretty normal person.

I like good books, and a good cup of coffee.

I like to cook, but like to eat a lot more.

In the dead of summer, I swear winter is more bearable. When I can’t feel my toes from the cold, I am resolute that the heat is preferable.

I have an undying passion for scientific studies, but only read the summaries.

I live a pretty normal life: I go to work; I exercise; I cook; I eat; I talk with my friends. On weekends I sleep in.

I want to share that normal life with you.