The beach, after Vongfong

Last weekend, typhoon Vongfong parked itself over Okinawa. The wind howled through the cracks in my windows like a person crying out in pain. Every now and then I’d hear a metallic thud as something left unsecured was flung into something unmovable, like a trashcan into a tree or a car into a building. Water flooded the streets and seeped into my apartment every way it could: the vent in my bathroom, the vent in my air conditioner, the crack in a bathroom window, door jambs and window ledges. Power on the island flickered on and off; I made it through Saturday, but sometime in the night it died, and I spent the next 24 hours eating canned soup and thanking my lucky stars that at least I still had water and gas.

Normally, the first trip to the beach after a typhoon is a bit depressing. The pristine sands are covered in trash and debris thrown up on shore–old washing machines and worn out jeans wrapped around downed branches. A few days ago I took my book and went out to survey the damage. I can only imagine that with the season drawing to an end, the currents have begun to shift, because this time, instead of rubbish, the beach was covered with bleached white coral, pristine shells, and sea urchins. I spread my mat on the sand, and played with the hermit crabs pinching at my toes as the sun set.


Vietnam – Surrounding Hoi An

Hoi An is not just a beautiful city, it’s also set in a stunning location on the delta of a river leading out to the ocean. On my second day in the city I woke up early and took a scenic 20 minute walk through rice paddies.
Cows wandered between fields and birds scrounged among the puddles. The rice had just been harvested and the paddies lay fallow, covered in water.

20140612-153137-55897161.jpgJust as I was beginning to get thirsty, the road passed over a little bridge, and stores began to appear again. I had reached the beach part of the city.


I stopped by a small roadside stand to buy a small sandwich of cheese on a baguette, a lasting dietary sign of French colonization, and a bottle of water and headed down to the perfect ocean.

Weekend Views

The end of another beautiful Saturday.