The Freetime Paradox

Have you ever noticed how when you have more time you get less done?

I’m not sure if that’s a universal thing, but for me, I’m waaaaay more productive when I’m working within time constraints. While I was still in school and had classes all the time? I was a get stuff done machine. Now that I’ve graduated and have spent the last three weeks with nothing on the schedule? Complete lump of uselessness.

Even though I’m still getting up at a reasonable hour (before 8), I’m not getting anything done. I don’t even know where all the time is going! I keep meaning to do stuff. I mean to exercise, read, train Tolui, etc. In actuality, I’m pretty sure I’m on Facebook or falling into an internet hole somewhere.

I just keep telling myself that there is plenty of time. I’m not normally a procrastinator. In fact, my cohort awarded me the “Worst Procrastinator” superlative for my perpetual inability to put things off to later. But these past few weeks, my laziness has blossomed into full blown sloth mode.

The thing is, I know I’d feel so much better if I did keep myself active. If I actually exercised, read the novels I meant to, trained Tolui, ate healthy home cooked meals, inventoried my things, etc. I’d feel satisfied and energized instead of lethargic.

What do you do to stay on track when you don’t have external factors keeping you going? How do I make myself actually plan things to do and make them happen when they don’t really have to get done?


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