Graduate School

Life has changed fundamentally and unrecognizeably since I last wrote.

I am now a master’s candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education. When I graduate in May I will have an Ed.M and an initial teacher’s certification for secondary English. That means that I’m completing my course work concurrently with my student teaching. It’s a whirlwind of a year. I’m teaching 12th grade English in Boston Publich School District. 

My boyfriend and I also moved in together for the first time. We’ve been lving together for almost two months now. That’s an intense change! It’s a huge step in our relationship, and I’m loving it so far. Yes, there are definitely hard parts (and I’ll write more about those later) but the benefits of living with someone you love so far outweigh the challenges, even for a person as opinionated, unyielding, and fussy as I am. 

It’s nice to be back in the United States, although I’ll admit, I came back in May, and I’m already starting to get itchy to leave again! I’m looking forward to my trip back to Dallas for Christmas, but I doubt that that will really quench my thirst for exploration.

In the mean time, I’m exploring Cambridge, the North-east of the United States, and graduate school life in general!


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