Vietnam – Surrounding Hoi An

Hoi An is not just a beautiful city, it’s also set in a stunning location on the delta of a river leading out to the ocean. On my second day in the city I woke up early and took a scenic 20 minute walk through rice paddies.
Cows wandered between fields and birds scrounged among the puddles. The rice had just been harvested and the paddies lay fallow, covered in water.

20140612-153137-55897161.jpgJust as I was beginning to get thirsty, the road passed over a little bridge, and stores began to appear again. I had reached the beach part of the city.


I stopped by a small roadside stand to buy a small sandwich of cheese on a baguette, a lasting dietary sign of French colonization, and a bottle of water and headed down to the perfect ocean.


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