Vietnam – Hue, the Ancient Capital

Hue is the ancient capital city of Vietnam back from the time it was a monarchy. This citadel guards the actual palace complex with high walls, two moats, and several large cannons, which were state of the art at ether time.
Now the citadel is a world heritage site and a major attraction for both tourists and locals, the latter coming not for the palace but for the extensive grounds and grassy fields. There were tons if families enjoying picnics and playing on the lawn.
The palace structure is still undergoing restoration, but what there is is beautiful. Even the rooflines are shaped and decorated in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
Ponds and gardens were sprinkled between buildings and covered pathways. Looking at this, I could almost see the king and his ministers spending the afternoon fishing and discussion policy.
This charming building stood out as one of the most pristine. Can you guess what it is? A reading pavilion right next to the library! There were two, each on small mounds on opposite sides of a large open mall leading to the library.

Hue might not be on there top of everyone’s list of places to visit in Vietnam, but it’s definitely worth a stop. Be forewarned though, the government blocks Facebook in this city!


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