Vietnamese Countryside

When people travel, so often the stick to the big cities, just checking highlights off a list while enjoying the luxuries of a relatively familiar environment. I’m guilty of that too. Sometimes I just want to relax, get out of the tiny middle-of-nowhere village I live in and soak in the atmosphere if a thriving metropolitan area. But in doing so, you can miss a lot. One of the days I was in Vietnam, I went into the countryside and got to meet locals from a small village, learn about farming techniques, and chat with school children in their way home. A fortune teller in the town even came and read my palm! It was a really beautiful way to spend a day.


Here are some scenes of the area outside of Hoi An, an old city in the center of Vietnam (more on that in days to come). The bridge is very old, and built In the Japanese style. The fields are growing rice.


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