Things I’ve Learned – Posture for Success

We all know that by looking at body language you can tell a lot about a person and how they feel. We also know that we are constantly sending messages to people around us by our own body language. What I just learned is that we’re sending messages to ourselves as well.

Try this: next time you’re sad, make yourself smile. The longer you hold it, even if it feels ridiculous at first, the lighter your mood will become.

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, takes this a step further. In her study, she reveals that by taking open, space-taking power poses, rather than closed in weaker positions, participants were able to exhibit elevated testosterone and lower cortisol levels. What this means is that they actually felt more confident and capable, simply by acting the part.

It’s so cool to think that our body language doesn’t only change the way people around us think about us, it also changes how we think and feel about ourselves.

Here’s the link to her full talk: Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are


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